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Flashback Friday: The Best Places To See Amazing Street Art

FlashbackFriEarlier in the month I wrote about Finding Banksy In Coney Island. The controversial graffiti artists took up “residency” in NYC for one month and was leaving his mark all over the city.

I only had the opportunity to see one of his pieces in person. I tried to see a couple of others but they were already covered up (so that they could be preserved) by the time I stopped by.

After following Banksy’s residency (mainly) online, it made me think about graffiti and a post that I wrote about street art back in the middle of 2012. I thought it would make for a fun post to re-share for this week’s Flashback Friday.

Here is the post:

  • The Best Places To See Amazing Street Art

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Finding Banksy In Coney Island

photo (6)

I’m not really a fan of art but was really interested in the excitement that Banksy caused around NYC during his month-long residency Better Out Than In.  For just about every day in October, Banksy debuted a new work of art ranging from moving pieces, sculptures and his typical graffiti around the 5 boroughs of NYC.

At first I didn’t pay much attention to the hype but then it got interesting when Banksy set up a stand by Central Park. A vendor was selling original Banksy pieces for only $60 but it didn’t lead to many sales. The few lucky people who made a purchase are sitting on a small gold mine if they ever figure out what they have.

I started following closer each day, checking to see what Banksy would come up with next. It was also fun to find out which boroughs and neighborhoods the pieces were placed in.

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