Amazing Art At The Berlin Wall

a man jumping in front of a wall with graffiti

Back in September 2013, Kim, Lucas and I headed to Germany for the main purpose of attending Oktoberfest. Rather than just go for the festival, we started out in Berlin, a city that I we really enjoyed checking out.

When I think of Berlin, the first thing that comes to mind is the Berlin Wall. Although it divided the city for close to 30 years, the remaining segments have been (mostly) turned into works of art. (This was my first time seeing the wall in its original home but I did get to see it in Las Vegas and Albania.)

Segments of the Berlin Wall as well as markers on the sidewalks/ streets where the wall once stood can be found all around the city. There are also various sections that have been turned into something like an open-air museum. At these sites, you can usually find information all about it’s history.

We learned the most while visiting the Gedenkstatte- Berlin Wall Memorial but really enjoyed seeing the amazing art work at (from what I recall) the longest remaining section, the East Side Gallery.

We spent quite a bit of time enjoying the murals at the East Side Gallery and figured it would be fun to share some of our favorite photos from the visit.

Here they are:

a drawing of a soldier

a mural of a man on a wall

a man standing in front of a mural

a graffiti on a wall

a man and child posing for a picture

a child and a kid painting a wall

a graffiti on a wall

a man playing a saxophone next to a wall

a large group of people's faces on a wallI hope that you enjoyed seeing some of the amazing murals that we photographed at the East Side Gallery in Berlin.

If you’ve visited Berlin, what did you think about seeing the Wall, once a sign of oppression now being a tourist site and work of art?

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