Turn Your Passport Into A Masterpiece…

Passport Art

To this day I still get excited when my passport gets stamped. I can’t wait to see what the new stamps (and Visas) will look like when visiting a new country.

After my passport is stamped, I usually leave the page open to let the ink dry so it won’t smear or get messed up. At times I’ve even requested for a stamp to be placed on a specific page. I’ve even gone as far as seeking out border officials when entering a new country and no one asked for my passport…

I think its pretty lame that when visiting countries in the EU, as most of you have probably noticed, the stamps all look the same. The only differences are the letters showing the country you’ve entered. The EU stamps also include a car, boat or plane to show the way that you entered the country.

So I think you can tell that I’m pretty into my passport so when I saw this I was immediately interested.

Passport Art

Yahoo found out about another way to decorate your passports which doesn’t involve stamps.

They wrote of a French artist, Leonard Combier that “turns passports into canvases“.

Combier was at a boring lecture and had nothing to draw on so he started doodling on a friend’s passport.

Passport Art

Combier said “I asked him if I could draw on it. He really enjoyed the idea, so I did, and the result was better than expected. So I continued“.

After a website called Doodler’s Anonymous wrote about Combier in January his Facebook page has been receiving tons of requests to decorate people’s old and even some current passports.

While I think these passport ‘canvases’ pretty cool I would never let anyone draw on mine!

Find out more about Combier’s work in the Yahoo article here.

(Images in post: Leonard Combier from Yahoo article)

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  1. There are 26 member states in the Schengen Area.
    Perhaps before dismissing something as lame, think about how much longer it would take the customs official to flip through and visually scan your passport to find the corresponding entry stamp if each member state had a different stamp design.

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