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Anthony Bourdain Tells Us His Favorite Seat On An Airplane

Anthony Bourdain
image: CNN

Anthony Bourdain, a chef by trade became a real household name thanks in part to his book Kitchen Confidential and even more so due to his show No Reservations on Travel Channel.

Since then, Bourdain has moved on to CNN where he stars in his food- travel show Parts Unknown. Hopefully, one day his market will open in NYCContinue reading Anthony Bourdain Tells Us His Favorite Seat On An Airplane

$10 Million To Spare? Elvis Presley’s Planes Up For Auction

elvis collectors
image: CNN, courtesy Julien’s Auctions

If you’re an aviation fan and/ or an Elvis collector, you might be interested in this.

The King of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley’s private planes which are currently on display at Graceland in Memphis are now hitting the market and are up for sale.

It just might take a small fortune to become the proud new owner! Continue reading $10 Million To Spare? Elvis Presley’s Planes Up For Auction

Update: Why Do Airplanes Dim Lights?

Ever Wonder Why Airplanes Dim Lights On Takeoff?
image from T+L- Vicki Beaver/ Alamy

Last week I wrote a post which asked a very good question related to flying. It was something that I never really thought about before. The post was written due to an article that I came across from Travel + Leisure.

The post was about: Ever Wonder Why Airplanes Dim Lights On Takeoff?

I thought the answer given in the T+L article made a lot of sense. After seeing a tweet (from a flight attendant) that disagreed with the article, I started to think a bit more about the topic. Continue reading Update: Why Do Airplanes Dim Lights?

Ever Wonder Why Airplanes Dim Lights On Takeoff?

a close-up of a plane
image from T+L: courtesy of Vicki Beaver / Alamy

I came across a short article from Travel + Leisure answering a question related to flying that I’ve never really given much thought to before.

On pretty much every flight, the captain dims the cabin light and we are asked to raise our window shades during takeoff and landing. I can’t say that I’ve ever pondered the reason for doing so, it’s always just been something that happens. Continue reading Ever Wonder Why Airplanes Dim Lights On Takeoff?

World’s 14 Best Aviation Museums


Over the past couple of years we’ve had a chance to visit a bunch of museums dedicated to aviation and flight.

Aviation museums always seem to feel quite unique compared to your typical museum. They can also be a lot of fun for everyone. The best part is that many of them are interactive and you can even get the chance to go on some of the planes on display.

Here are the aviation museums that we’ve visited over the past couple of years:

  • The Barbados Concorde Experience
  • South Dakota Air & Space Museum
  • Mitchell Gallery of Flight at General Mitchell Airport
  • Frontiers of Flight Museum at Dallas Love Field

Continue reading World’s 14 Best Aviation Museums

CNN Travel: Most Creative Ways To Recycle A Plane

a plane flying over a building

Last year I wrote about a Yahoo News article that I came across which caught my attention. The article was about a man who turned an old airplane into a home. This sounds like the dream home for aviation buffs out there but I’m not too sure that this would be my idea of a great place to live.

Recently I came across another article, this time from CNN about creative ways to recycle an airplane. Again the man, Bruce Campbell was mentioned along with a few others that have turned airplanes into homes.

Continue reading CNN Travel: Most Creative Ways To Recycle A Plane

Lucas’ Little Airplane Fleet

a group of toys on a green surface

Since Lucas started traveling at such a young age (his first flight was at less than 3 months old), I thought we needed to start a little toy airplane collection for him.
So far he has four airplanes with each being a bit different than the next one.
Here they are:

a wooden toy airplane on a green carpet
The South Dakota Plane
Early last Summer, while in South Dakota we visited an aviation museum. I was checking out the gift shop and wanted to get a little something for Lucas. I decided to get him his first airplane. He hasn’t played with this plane much yet, but it will be a nice toy for Lucas when he is a little older.
a green and yellow toy airplane
Green Toys
The second plane we bought Lucas is made by a really cool company. All of their products are made of 100% recycled plastic with the main ingredient being recycled milk containers! They are also made in the USA which I think is pretty awesome.
When I saw the Green Toys Seaplane, I had to get it for my little guy. It’s a really great bath toy and Lucas really loves it. He will often point or reach for it if I forget to put it in the bathtub. Lucas also has a bunch of other Green Toys products which we use on a daily basis.
a blue toy airplane on a skateboard
The next plane we got for Lucas is also made by an environmentally friendly company. Their toys are hand made from natural rubber foam. and have a simple and fun look.
The Rubbabu Charles the Little Airplane is a great travel toy since it is small, soft and light weight.
a toy airplane and a toy figurine
Weebles Toys
Lucas already had a few planes but no pilot so when we saw the Weebles Wobblin’ Wings Airplane, we had to get it. I remember having Weebles as a kid so I was happy to see that they were still being made.
The plane is a lot of fun. It comes with the pilot shown in the photo and can hold up to three Weebles figures at a time. The propeller spins and if you pull the blue circle in the back, the plane vibrates, makes noises and the Weebles figure moves around.

So that’s all of Luca’s fleet for now. Over time I’m sure that he will pick up some more airplanes along the way!
If you have any fun airplane toys that you’d like to recommend, please let us know.

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