Ever Wonder Why Airplanes Dim Lights On Takeoff?

image from T+L: courtesy of Vicki Beaver / Alamy

I came across a short article from Travel + Leisure answering a question related to flying that I’ve never really given much thought to before.

On pretty much every flight, the captain dims the cabin light and we are asked to raise our window shades during takeoff and landing. I can’t say that I’ve ever pondered the reason for doing so, it’s always just been something that happens.

T+L posed the question Why Do Airplanes Dim Lights On Takeoff? in an article last week.

I found it to be a great question and I’d definitely wanted to know the answer.

According to the article it’s all about safety.

These are “standard safety measures”  taken during “the most critical moments of every flight”. Eyes adjust quicker during an emergency evacuation to the dim lights and raised window shades bring light inside just incase it is needed.

Check out the article from T+L HERE.

2 thoughts on “Ever Wonder Why Airplanes Dim Lights On Takeoff?

  1. I was told it was for the night vision and also so you would be able to out before opening an exit door in an emergency in case of fire.

    Maybe it’s just so we can hide from the other planes around us.

  2. The window shades are raised for takeoff and landing so the flight attendants can see outside the plane during an evacuation to asses the viability of egress from that location. We don’t want to open a door with a fire raging just outside.

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