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Air Transat Auctioning Cheap Tickets To Europe On Twitter

Air Transat

Talk about a really creative way to sell airline tickets for a good cause…

Air Transat, a Canadian airline based out of Montreal is offering tickets to Europe (from Canada) starting at some very attractive prices through an auction on Twitter.

The best part of this deal is that all proceeds raised are being donated to a good cause- the SOS Children’s Villages. Continue reading Air Transat Auctioning Cheap Tickets To Europe On Twitter

$800K To Spare? Buy Your Own Town

town for sale

Earlier in the year I wrote about a couple of options to become the owner of your own town! Sounds pretty cool and what’s more impressive than saying you own a town…

There was a European town available at the bargain basement price of $0 although it would certainly cost a small fortune to bring it back to live-in condition. If you are more interested in staying close to home, a town in the U.S. was going for a cool $1.5 million. This one came with a general store along with some other buildings in better shape than the one in Europe. Continue reading $800K To Spare? Buy Your Own Town

The Biggest Hotel Flop of All-Time

image from Eater article

This might just be the biggest hotel flop ever…

The last time I visited Atlantic City, the Revel Casino was nearing completion. We drove behind the construction site on the way to a pizzeria close by. From what I could tell, the property (at least from the outside) looked pretty impressive, maybe almost like something that might belong in Las Vegas. Continue reading The Biggest Hotel Flop of All-Time

Woud You Spend SkyMiles For Experiences

Last week I wrote a post and asked if you would Bid With Miles For a Flight Simulator Experience.  Here are some other options where you can use miles to bid for a variety of experiences.

Would I use my miles for this kind of thing? No! But, I do think it is interesting to see what Delta would like to offer us as options to spend our miles on.

I’ve received e-mails in the past from Delta about their SkyMiles Auctions but don’t think that I’ve ever actually taken a moment to see what was offered. I probably haven’t looked since the odds are extremely high that I would not bid with my miles for any sort of experience. However, maybe I would be surprised by what I saw…

Continue reading Woud You Spend SkyMiles For Experiences