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Win A Trip to Thailand in the Travel + Leisure Photo Contest

Travel + Leisure

The 2017 Travel + Leisure Photo Contest is currently underway and there are some great prizes being given away.

If you think you have some photos worth of entry, you might just win an awesome 7-night trip to Chiang Mai, Thailand. The 10 finalists will also win a prize, a very nice piece of Away luggage! Continue reading Win A Trip to Thailand in the Travel + Leisure Photo Contest

Great Mother’s Day Travel Gift Idea: TSA Friendly Makeup

Stowaway Cosmetics
image: Stowaway Cosmetics

When flying, Kim and I rarely ever travel with carry-on luggage. There’s a couple of good reasons for this but I think one of them may have just been solved.

On just about all of our trips, Kim and I are packing for three people. If we were to bring carry-on bags I don’t think that it would be possible to fit all of our things. While Lucas’ clothes are relatively small, there are also diapers and many other things which end up taking up a lot of space. Continue reading Great Mother’s Day Travel Gift Idea: TSA Friendly Makeup

America’s Friendliest Cities

Friendliest Cities
image: T+L

I can’t say that I’ve really thought much about this topic before…

While visiting cities around America I generally find most places to be friendly. When it comes to friendly places to visit around the world, I’d have to place cities/ countries in Asia at the top of my list. (That would definitely include Myanmar, our most recent destination.) Continue reading America’s Friendliest Cities

Most Awesome Airline Amenity Kits

amenity kit
American Airlines Eames First Class Kit

Airline amenity kits come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes & designs and are made by many different companies. The contents inside also vary from kit to kit.

I’ve received kits which were really bad, being not much more than a paper envelope with a few items inside (the worst amenity kit ever?) and have also received some great kits like the awesome and collectible Oktoberfest inspired kit from Lufthansa.

These are just a couple of examples of amenity kits given out by airlines- typically to premium cabin passengers. Continue reading Most Awesome Airline Amenity Kits

America’s Most (& Least) Attractive People

Most Attractive Cities

Here is a somewhat odd list/ slideshow from Travel + Leisure.

In T+L’s annual America’s Favorite Places survey I’d expect to read about places ranked for culture, sightseeing, museums, food, hotels, beaches and other things along those lines. However, T+L also asked survey participants to also rank cities based on most and least attractive people! Continue reading America’s Most (& Least) Attractive People

America’s Quirkiest Towns

a black text on a white background

I came across a slideshow by Travel + Leisure about what I think could be some very interesting places. Since I love visiting sites, museums and places that might offer something a bit strange and different, towns that are considered to have these kinds of qualities should be perfect for me as well.

So what do I consider strange and different sites? Check out posts about my visit to The Shit Fountain in Chicago and the Friets Museum in Belgium as a couple of examples.

T+L’s slideshow is about America’s Quirkiest Towns.

What does quirky mean? According to Urban Dictionary, quirky is “something that is strange/ not normal but cool”. Continue reading America’s Quirkiest Towns

Forget Airbnb, Celebrity Homes You Can Rent

a house with a large balcony
Harry Houdini’s Home

Airbnb has opened up a ton of possibilities to us when it comes to places to stay while traveling. Sometimes traditional hotels can be way too pricey, not that exciting or budget options just seem plain bad.

With Airbnb, we’ve found some great places to stay at a very fair price. Check out my post about Our Awesome Experience during our first stay using Airbnb in Singapore. Continue reading Forget Airbnb, Celebrity Homes You Can Rent

World’s Coolest Tram Rides

a cable car in the air
Table Mountain Cableway, South Africa

If you happen to be afraid of heights then this post is probably not for you!

When visiting a new place, Kim and I love when we can take a cable car (aerial tram) up to a site. It can be very interesting seeing a place from way up high and can make for a totally different perspective. (It can also sure beat walking!) Continue reading World’s Coolest Tram Rides