Anthony Bourdain Tells Us His Favorite Seat On An Airplane

Anthony Bourdain
image: CNN

Anthony Bourdain, a chef by trade became a real household name thanks in part to his book Kitchen Confidential and even more so due to his show No Reservations on Travel Channel.

Since then, Bourdain has moved on to CNN where he stars in his food- travel show Parts Unknown. Hopefully, one day his market will open in NYC

With Anthony Bourdain traveling so much, (in an interview with Forbes he claims to get on planes 200 days per year) you might be interested in finding out what he considers the best seats on a plane to be.

It turns out that Bourdain is a window seat kind of guy.

Here’s his explanation why: “Aisle, if you’ve got a weak bladder. Window, if you just want to sleep undisturbed. I’m a sleeper. I want to crash out I’m asleep for takeoff. I’m asleep for landing. I’m all about the window. I can wedge my head between the seat and the window during takeoff and fall asleep very nicely.”

I hear Bourdain when he mentions getting some solid, undisturbed sleep by taking the window seat but I’m a fan of the aisle. I like to stretch and when I need to, I want to be able to get up and go to the restroom.

In late 2015 I did have a newfound love for the window seat but it wasn’t due to sleep.

When it comes to someone likes Anthony Bourdain and flying I wonder one thing. Does he not fly in premium cabins? I’d assume that he flies business class or better, maybe I’m wrong. If he does, does the window or aisle seat really matter that much?

What is your favorite seat on the plane?

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3 thoughts on “Anthony Bourdain Tells Us His Favorite Seat On An Airplane

  1. Gene- I doubt he flies coach either but based on his mention of undisturbed sleep, he might from time to time…

    Ray- Interesting! I stick to the aisle, my son loves the window.

  2. My seat preference change based on seat design and time of flight. I travel trans pacific in coach most of the time. I f I travel in a 3x3x3 or 2x4x2 seating arrangement and it is a morning or noon flight I will choose window seat but if my flight is at night I choose aisle.

  3. I am Bourdain kinda guy — first class window seat all the way. You won’t ever find me in coach, and I don’t think you will find Tony there either.

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