Plane Owned By Elvis Presley Auctioned Off For Almost $500K

elvis presley

A couple of years back two private planes previously owned by Elvis Presley were auctioned off. The two planes, sold as a pair, brought in a hefty sum of money.

Recently, another plane owned by Elvis Presley sold at auction.

The plane sold for $430,000 at the auction in California. The new owner of the plane was not revealed.

What made this sale so interesting is that the plane spent the past 35 years on a runway in New Mexico. However, now it needs a ton of work.

The plane, a Lockheed Jet Star no longer has an engine and needs the cockpit restored. The auction house claims that Presley designed the plane’s interior. Yahoo mentions that, “a previous owner disputed the auction house’s claim the king of rock ‘n’ roll designed its red velvet interior.”

Roy McKay says that he designed the interior and when he bought it, it had two-toned gray interior.

Would you want to own one of Elvis Pressley’s planes? I wouldn’t consider myself a fan but it would be cool to own a piece of history.

Find out more from Yahoo here.

Image: Wikicommons

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