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North Korea Bans Tourists From Pyongyang Marathon

north korea marathon
image: Uri Tours

A few days back I saw a story on various news sites about North Korea’s Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un sporting a new haircut.

Not exactly exciting or important news, although it was a bit funny. Check out an article from Vox about it here.

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Wings For Life World Run- May 4, 2014

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I came across a very interesting race from my friend Max recently. This race is not like anything that you’ve probably every heard of.

The Wings For Life World Run is unique due to it being a “global adventure“, taking place at the same time in up to 40 locations all around the world.

100% of the race proceeds go to the Wings For Life Foundation which funds research into curing spinal cord injury.

The race is also unique due to there being no set distance, time or finish line.

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Recap: North Face Endurance Race Weekend- Bear Mountain, NY

a man jumping in the air with a red arch
Even when we are not traveling, Kim and I like to keep busy and do and see things in our city (New York) or around the tri-state area. We are always visiting new restaurants, street fairs, festivals and exploring new neighborhood…
Especially when traveling with a child, I think it makes sense to make a weekend out of activities that are a bit further from home. For us it’s more about balancing things that we enjoy and activities that will entertain the little one.
A couple of weeks ago I ran in the North Face Endurance Challenge 5K for the second year in a row. (Check out my post about last year’s race HERE)
Last year the race kicked my butt and after doing it a second time I’ll say that this is definitely the toughest race that I’ve entered.
I guess that I like torturing myself because I’m already looking towards next year’s race and thinking about entering the 10K race. Kind of crazy since I’ve haven’t yet run a 10K!
The race took place upstate New York at Bear Mountain State Park. Due to the early start we slept in the vicinity of the park. I wasn’t going to just head up there at night to sleep so we headed upstate early and made a mini-trip out of it.

Jumping with the Ultra Marathon Man- Bear Mountain, NY

two men jumping in the air
L-Michael W., R- Dean Karnazes
On May 6 I ran a 5K race at The North Face Endurance Challenge in Bear Mountain, NY.  The event had races of various distances, some up to 50 MILES!

Running 50 miles in one day sounds pretty extreme, impossible and crazy to me but once you hear about what Dean Karnazes- The Ultra Marathon Man  has done it will sound like a walk in the park. I first heard about Dean while reading Outside Magazine a few years back. Continue reading Jumping with the Ultra Marathon Man- Bear Mountain, NY