Jumping with the Ultra Marathon Man- Bear Mountain, NY

two men jumping in the air
L-Michael W., R- Dean Karnazes
On May 6 I ran a 5K race at The North Face Endurance Challenge in Bear Mountain, NY.  The event had races of various distances, some up to 50 MILES!

Running 50 miles in one day sounds pretty extreme, impossible and crazy to me but once you hear about what Dean Karnazes- The Ultra Marathon Man  has done it will sound like a walk in the park. I first heard about Dean while reading Outside Magazine a few years back.

a man standing on grass with a red leash
Dean kicking off the race with a quick speech
Dean is an ultra marathon runner and has also written two books. A ultra marathon is a running race longer than a traditional marathon which is 26.2 miles. Dean has ran many races over 100 miles, one as far as 350 miles without stopping. He recently ran across the United States- 3,000 miles in 75 days. Another amazing feat was running 50 marathons in 50 states on 50 consecutive days.
two men standing in front of a red archway
While waiting for the 5K race to start, I had a chance to chat with Dean for a couple of minutes. A man speaking with him before me was practically brought to tears from getting a chance to meet him. He said how Dean’s book really inspired him and brought him out of depression after the events of 9/11.
Dean is a very friendly guy and I figured that he would be a great jumper considering some of his athletic feats he has accomplished. I told him how I jump for photos around the world and asked him to join me. He asked me how high and showed me with his hands that he could only jump a few inches. I was a bit surprised that he couldn’t jump a few feet in the air!
a man and woman standing on a stage
Pre-Race with the family
The North Face Endurance Race was a really fun event but I was not prepared for it. The  trail  was pretty rocky, muddy and steep in some sections. Since my son Lucas was born, I haven’t been running as frequently as I’d like.  Hopefully I’ll do better in my next race.
a group of people running in a race
Crossing the finish line

Find out more about Dean Karnazes on his site Ultra Marathon Man

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