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Registration Open for JFK Runway Run 5K!

JFK Runway Run

While I’ve really been slacking off with running this past year, registration recently opened for one of my favorite 5Ks.

Registration is now open for the JFK Runway Run which takes place on the runway of a major airport in New York City! If you’re into plane-spotting, then this could be a fun race to enter, even if you walk the entire 5k!

After running the JFK Runway Run 5k three years in a row, I missed it last year since the timing wasn’t right. However, this year I’m definitely planning to enter again! Continue reading Registration Open for JFK Runway Run 5K!

North Korea Bans Tourists From Pyongyang Marathon

north korea marathon
image: Uri Tours

A few days back I saw a story on various news sites about North Korea’s Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un sporting a new haircut.

Not exactly exciting or important news, although it was a bit funny. Check out an article from Vox about it here.

Here is some interesting North Korea travel news… Continue reading North Korea Bans Tourists From Pyongyang Marathon

Oktoberfest, Ice Cream & Racing: Oklahoma Trip: Day 1

Change of Heart, Heading to Oktoberfest Tomorrow!

Last week I wrote about having a change of heart and our decision to head to Oktoberfest.

With the big festival ending in Munich the week before, we decided to head to an American version in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Some of you might wonder- why Oklahoma? My typical answer when asked why I am going to a place is, why not? (With a variety of travel goals and one being to visit every state in America, this would get one more checked off the list!) Continue reading Oktoberfest, Ice Cream & Racing: Oklahoma Trip: Day 1

Joggling 26.2 Miles In The NYC Marathon

Who knew that some people like to juggle while running a marathon? I didn’t but here is how I found out.

On Sunday, November 3 the ING New York City Marathon was taking place around the 5 boroughs. Kim and I had the bright idea to head to Williamsburg, Brooklyn for brunch.

We made it there in record time but once we got near the area  that the marathon ran through, there was no way to drive any further. The streets were cordoned off with police roadblocks for what seemed like, everywhere! We were driving further and further from our destination and then decided to change plans and go elsewhere.

photo (9) Continue reading Joggling 26.2 Miles In The NYC Marathon

Off Topic: A Not So Typical Thanksgiving

a bird with a black background
Image from Prospect Park Track Club

This past Thanksgiving was definitely unique and different for a few reasons.

The #1 way it was different was that this was my first Thanksgiving as a Dad.
All experiences these days seem to be different (new or old) and better with Lucas around.
I am very thankful to have my amazing little boy in my life!

Kim and I started off Thanksgiving 2012 by running in the Prospect Park Track Club’s 5 Mile Turkey Trot. This was the longest run for both of us. It was a nice challenge and accomplishment to complete. We both were really happy with how we did and are now talking about trying to run a 10K (6.2 miles) in the future.

The race sold out with 2,500 registered participants. We were lucky to have beautiful weather in New York on Thanksgiving. We both felt great (and exhausted) after finishing the race.
Some relaxation was needed when we got home before eating our Thanksgiving dinner…

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48 Hours In Chicago In A Nutshell

a man jumping in front of a reflective bean with Millennium Park in the background
The Bean

I decided to take a quick trip to Chicago with my brother to run in the O’Hare 5K Runway Run. We couldn’t justify a trip to Chicago to just run in the 5K so we made the visit into a mini-trip. We had around 48 hours in Chicago and made great use of our time and were very busy!

We left from New York (JFK) at 7:00pm on Thursday October 18 and were on our way back home from Chicago (ORD) on October 20 at 3:00pm.

Here is how we spent our time:

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