Radisson’s New Partnership With…

Tough Mudder

Yesterday I wrote about how Radisson hinted about a new sponsorship.

I really wasn’t sure what this sponsorship could be but hoped it would be something good for those of us that like to stay at their properties.

I guess I should’ve looked a bit closer at the hint.

In their tweet, @Radisson said “It’s TOUGH for us not to share the news now.

Tough Mudder

I guess that I should’ve focused on the word tough which was spelled out in caps. They were giving a clue and definitely hinting at just what this sponsorship would be.

It turns out that Radisson now has some sort of partnership with Tough Mudder.

If you’re not familiar with Tough Mudder, (according to the event page), it’s a “team-oriented 10-12 mile (18-20 km) obstacle course designed to test physical strength and mental grit“.

I was hoping to see a link from Radisson which explained just what this partnership/ sponsorship entails but nothing was included.

I typed Radisson and Tough Mudder into Google and came up with an article from Sports Business Daily from August 2014.

(What I don’t understand is that if this deal was known about since August, why is Radisson first tweeting about it today?)

According to Sports Business Daily, a 16 month deal was signed between Tough Mudder and Radisson, “giving North American rights to the hotel chain through 2015“.

Exact terms are not mentioned but it’s assumed that Tough Mudder “will steer its participants toward nearby Radisson hotels for pre-event breakfast meetings and post-event parties, and that Radisson will offer group rates to Tough Mudder participants“.

Interesting stuff…

I wonder if there is anything in it for Club Carlson members with status? Maybe a little discount on race entry fees…

I don’t know about you but I have little to no interest in entering a Tough Mudder. I’ve ran the 3 mile Merrell Down & Dirty Obstacle Race a couple of times which was enough of a challenge for me!

Find out more about the Radisson- Tough Mudder partnership in the article from Sports Business Daily here.

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