North Korea Bans Tourists From Pyongyang Marathon

north korea marathon
image: Uri Tours

A few days back I saw a story on various news sites about North Korea’s Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un sporting a new haircut.

Not exactly exciting or important news, although it was a bit funny. Check out an article from Vox about it here.

Here is some interesting North Korea travel news…

Mashable is reporting that North Korea is banning foreign tourists from competing in the Pyongyang Marathon.

What’s the cause of the ban?

Ebola fears… This is definitely strange since “no cases of Ebola have reported anywhere near the country” according to the article. Maybe its better to be overly cautious than pay for it later on.

Beijing based Koryo tours had 400 runners signed up to run the Pyongyang Marathon. Meanwhile, NJ based Uri Tours had 200 runners signed up. That adds up to a lot of disappointed people.

Visas for non-essential travel have not been given out since “Ebola measures were announced” in October 2014. Foreigners that enter N. Korea can also face a 21 day quarantine. Sounds like the ideal vacation, no?

Would you be interested in running the Pyongyang marathon?  I’m certainly no marathon runner but I’d love to run the 10K which also took place last year.

The Pyongyang marathon takes place on April 12. For those of you that still have the urge to enter a race, you can still sign up for the JFK Runway Run 5k taking place on April 19 in New York City.

Find out more about the story from Mashable here.

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