An Awesome Local Food at Dunkin’ Donuts in Georgia

dunkin donutsThe Michael W Travels family recently returned from a month-long summer trip where we visited six new countries.

We love trying local foods when visiting new places but it’s also nice to eat something familiar at times too. We like to visit McDonald’s when traveling to new countries to see what special menu items might be available. (We also tried something interesting in Singapore at Starbucks.)

During our summer trip, we spent the longest time in the Republic of Georgia, which is located in the Caucasus. Between stays in Tbilisi, we drove around the country for five days. While on our Georgia road trip, we came across an interesting rest stop which had a market, Wendy’s and Dunkin Donuts.

Kim and I figured we could stop in the morning at Dunkin Donuts since it was on the way to our next destination.a sign from a windowTo our surprise, it turned out that Dunkin Donuts sold a couple of local menu items.

I was very excited to give the Dunkin’ version of Khachapuri a try.

Khachapuri is probably one of the most popular local dishes in Georgia. It’s best described as a cheese- filled bread which comes in a bunch of varieties. You’ll see it on just about every restaurant menu, sold at bakeries and out of small windows as you wander around most areas in the country.a menu on a wallI ordered one Khachapuri with Sulguni, a sour & salty cheese used in many types of this local dish.a bagel on a white paperWhen I opened up the bag, I immediately noticed that this Dunkin Donuts Khachapuri was a bit smaller and thinner than what we tried at various restaurants. This wasn’t really much of an issue since it was still a pretty heavy breakfast item.a hand holding a piece of pizzaThe Dunkin Khachapuri was very tasty but much milder than the ones we tried during our trip to this point. The cheese was a bit less sour, which wasn’t a bad thing!

I also liked how the top was crispy and the Khackapuri was also a bit thinner and lighter than what we had come across.

Kim and Lucas tried some of it too and both really enjoyed it.

Overall, I’d say that this was a very good interpretation of a local Georgian specialty served in an American fast food chain.

Good job Dunkin Donuts!

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