Beaches In NY, NJ, CT & DE Set to Reopen Memorial Day Weekend

Not A US Beach… (Maldives)

COVID-19 has caused closures to many places to help with social distancing.

It has been tough for most to stay in and avoid others most of the time however it’s probably necessary to help stop the spread.

With the weather getting nicer out, most people probably want to get outside.

Starting on Memorial Day Weekend, state beaches in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Delaware will be opening up.

This sounds pretty awesome but I wondered if this was such a great idea unless the states had some sort of idea to enforce social distancing. mentions that “beaches across the four northeastern states can open May 22 provided that capacity will be capped at 50% and will be enforced using controlled entrances and exits and limiting parking.”

Group activities like sports will not be allowed and areas for social gatherings will still be closed.

In New York, these openings apply to state beaches. Local beaches and lake shores can open if the local governments can follow the state’s rules. They have until May 20 to decide. Public pools will not be allowed to reopen now.

Hopefully people will be able to maintain social distancing and crowds at the beaches can be controlled. For now this sounds like a risky move. I sure hope it doesn’t lead to an increase in new COVID-19 cases.

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