Did I Receive A Retention Offer For The Barclay Arrival Card?

Barclay ArrivalI recently had to make a decision to make regarding my Barclay Arrival credit card.

With the $89 annual fee due, I had to decide whether or not to keep it or close it. Before making the call, I think my decision had already been made.

I called the number on the back of my card and mentioned how I’d like to close my account. I was then asked why so I explained how I don’t really use the card so I can’t justify paying the annual fee.

The rep said that she understood and placed me on a brief hold as she transferred me over to an account specialist.

A friendly account specialist then got on the phone. I was told how she was sorry that I wanted to close my account after a year. Then, I was told that there was a no annual fee card option that I could be switched to. After the benefits were explained to me, I declined the offer and again asked for my account to be closed.

If I had a decent points balance left in my account, I would’ve considered the no annual fee card. But with just 1,866 points left (worth a $9.33 statement credit which I couldn’t redeem), there was no reason to switch. It isn’t like I’ll use the card in the future.

After closing my card, the rep then asked if I’d like to reallocate the credit to other cards. I accepted the offer.

So how did I use my Barclay Arrival points during the year:

  • 40,422 points- $402.22 statement credit for flight to Ireland.
  • 17,500 points- $175 statement credit

Have you received a retention offer for the Barclay Arrival card? If so, what was your offer?

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2 thoughts on “Did I Receive A Retention Offer For The Barclay Arrival Card?

  1. I also called today, no retention offer, but two no-fee choices to downgrade to: Arrival or Rewards. 1000 point bonus with first purchase on new card.

  2. I did the downgrade, they gave me 5000 points which made my existing points redeemable. I lowered my limit to 5k, then apples for the JetBlue 60k offer a couple days later.

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