Airbnb Introduces New Pay Less Up Front Payment Option

AirbnbTowards the end of 2017 Airbnb came out with a new payment option.

Now Airbnb is introducing another new way to pay for your stays. TechCrunch reports that, “Airbnb now lets users pay less up front for bookings“.

With the new option, called Pay Less Up Front (how creative!), you can pay for part of your stay when you book. The remainder of the balance will be due closer to the date of your stay.

Up until now, when you booked a stay, you had to pay for the full stay in advance. TechCrunch points out that this might not be a big deal for a short stay, “but long stays can end up being relatively expensive and thus inconvenient to pay for up-front.”

Airbnb said that when the Pay Less Up Front option was being tested 40% chose to take them up on the offer. Even more interesting was the fact that they chose higher- priced bookings.

To qualify for Pay Less Up Front booking need to be made 14 days in advance and need to be at least $250. Airbnb decides how much can be paid up front and what is due prior to check-in. The amount is usually 50%.

Find out more about the new Pay Less Up Front option from TechCrunch here.

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