Did I Get A Retention Offer for the JetBlue Barclaycard

Did You Close Amex Card In Hopes of Getting JetBlue Barclaycard Bonus?In March of 2016 I was happy to get approved for the JetBlue Barclaycard.

I received the Plus version which gave me 30,000 points after spending $1,000 in the first 90 days. There are some perks that come with the card like free checked bags and 6 points per $1 spent on JetBlue. You also get 10% points back each time you redeem.

When the $99 annual fee posted I had a big decision to make- keep the card or close it.

I didn’t really want to spend close to $100 to keep the card but I could see some value in doing so.

I’ve built up our family JetBlue account quite a bit over the past year or so. Due to this, I’m pretty sure we’ll be flying with the airline in the near future. Considering we’re a family of four, any trip over a few days usually requires us checking a bag. (We prefer checking a bag to keep our hands free to push a stroller, carry Theo etc…)

I decided to call customer service to see if there was a retention offer on my JetBlue Barclaycard.

When I called in, I explained how I was thinking about closing my account. The rep said she was sorry to hear that and asked why.

I explained how the fee came up and I don’t use the card much. I also mentioned how I wasn’t sure the card was worth the fee.

The rep stated how the card carried a fee due to the benefits like a free checked bag, mosaic if I spend $50K with the card, 6 points per $1 with JetBlue and how I  get back 10% points when I book with JetBlue.

I asked if there was any sort of retention offer and the rep mentions how the fee helps to get me the benefits. I was also told that there is a fee- free card but it doesn’t offer the same perks.

I decided to ask again, Is there anything you can do to help with the fee on this card? She politely said, “we can’t take the annual fee off“.

One last try… I asked is there any offer to entice me to keep the card.

She then mentioned that If I spend $1,000 in 90 days, I could earn 5,000 bonus points.

I then asked if it was the best offer and was told, “yes sir”.

I decided to accept the offer. I figure 5,000 points is worth $50 so if we check bags a few times, the fee will pay for itself.

One last thing…

JetBlue Barclaycard Plus members earn 5,000 bonus points on their account anniversary. My bonus posted in early March. After spending $1,000 within 90 days, I’ll earn the other 5,000 points so it looks like, at worst- I’ll break even.

Want to earn 30,000 bonus JetBlue points?

Signup for the JetBlue Barclaycard Plus card here, spend $1,000 within 90 days and you’ll earn 30,000 bonus points! (This is an affiliate link. If you apply for and get approved for the card, I may earn a commission.)

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