TopCashBack Redemption- What Would You Choose?


Many of us do the bulk of our shopping online. And one thing everyone should be doing is making one extra stop before going to the website they want to shop at.

For Amazon, we shop through a JetBlue link and for most others we use either Ebates or TopCashBack.

TopCashBack tends to be the site we shop through most since they usually offer a higher percent back on purchases.

It’s been a very long time since I last took a payout from TopCashBack. I like to build it up a bit before doing so.

I had $198 to cash out and decided it was time to make a decision.

I could accept an ACH Direct Deposit, getting back exactly what I was owed or opt for one of the gift card options to earn a bonus.

Here is what’s offered:

  • Gift Card- 3% bonus
  • American Express Reward Card- 3% bonus
  • Nike Digital Gift Card- 5% bonus
  • e-Gift Card- 5% bonus
  • Petco e-Gift Card- 5% bonus

The 3% bonus options would make my redemption worth around $204, while a 5% option would pay me a little over $208.

I narrowed my decision down to either taking an ACH Direct Deposit withdrawal or taking the 5% bonus with

While a $10 bonus won’t make anyone rich, I figured some extra money wouldn’t hurt. Considering Kim and I use a decent amount, I opted for the gift card. We’re looking to do a pretty long trip this summer so any extra money will help!

What do you usually do when you take a TopCashBack payout?

Haven’t signed up for TopCashBack yet?

Use my referral link to earn $10. Once you earn your bonus, I’ll get a $10 bonus added to my account.

5 thoughts on “TopCashBack Redemption- What Would You Choose?

  1. GL- At $10 off $50, the cash is def the better option! I bought a bunch of $50 GCs at Staples for $40 and also got the Amazon offer last week. I didn’t have the Amex offer so I figured $10 free is better than nada.

    Bryan- I’ve never heard of double the amount for Amex GCs. That is a crazy offer. When did you last see this?

    1. I think it is double the bonus offer for Amex, not the total amount. (6% instead of 3% bonus). they had one a few months ago that I took advantage of.

  2. I would take the cash. There’s a $10 off $50 Amex offer for running at the moment…

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