Most Underrated Tourist Attraction in Each State

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The Shit Fountain didn’t make the cut

When visiting a city or state there are certain sights that you’d expect just about every tourist to visit.

For example, I’d expect most visitors to New York to go to Times Square and visit the Statue of Liberty. In an even more obvious pick, I think we’d all agree that all visitors that go to Orlando will check out Disney World. It’s most likely the reason they are in the city…

While each state might have its share of famous and touristy sights what about sights worth seeing which might be considered underrated?

Thrillist took a look at The Most Underrated Tourist Attraction In All 50 States.

The author said that in order to select the sites they “polled friends, coworkers, and our good ol’ pal the Internet to cull together a list of the most underrated tourist destinations in all 50 states and Washington, DC“.

I’m all about digging into a destination to find things that might be interesting but maybe not overly popular. Some of the places that I like to visit have the locals I’ve chatted with say something like “how come I didn’t know that existed and I live here”!

While I don’t expect everyone visiting Chicago to go out of their way to see the Shit Fountain, I’d think many would find the International Museum of Surgical Sciences to be quite interesting!

For those visiting Atlanta, I’d bet that most of you visit the World of Coca Cola and the Georgia Aquarium. I bet most of you didn’t know that you could also visit the Waffle House Museum, CDC Museum and the very first Chick-fil-A!

None of the examples that I mentioned made Thrillist’s list of most underrated tourist attractions in their respective state but that’s OK. I’d still recommend doing a little extra research when visiting a new place to look for some interesting, odd and off the beaten path.

While going through Thrillist’s article, I can’t say that I was surprised to see that I’ve been to some of their picks.

I can’t vouch for Thrillist in saying that these sites are the most underrated but I can say that all of the ones I’ve been to are very good (and worthy) places to check out.

Here are the underrated tourist attractions that I’ve visited from Thrillist’s article:

  1. Connecticut– Stew Leonard’s
  2. Maine– Portland
  3. Massachusetts– Cape Ann
  4. Missouri– Kansas City
  5. Nebraska– The Durham Museum
  6. New York– The Tenement Museum
  7. Rhode Island– International Tennis Hall of Fame
  8. South Dakota– Crazy Horse Memorial

Click Here to check out all of Thrillist’s picks for most underrated tourist destinations. Let us know how many you’ve been to and which ones stand out most to you. If you have any recommendations, feel free to share them with us too!

3 thoughts on “Most Underrated Tourist Attraction in Each State

  1. Many of the places are fairly accurate. I think it’s weak to show Kansas City as an underrated tourist attraction.
    You could argue any of these of course but as an airplane geek I would have included the Strategic Air Command Museum in Nebraska as underrated more so that Union station.

  2. Interesting list. Been to four, heard of a couple more.
    Oh, wanted to go to the CDC museum last Saturday, but they are closed on weekends.

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