Apple Replacing Some iPhone Batteries for Free

iphone batteriesI just came across news of a new Apple repair program where the tech giant will replace some iPhone batteries for free.

Some iPhone 6S models shut down out of nowhere on their own. If this happens to you, then you might qualify for a free battery replacement.

Thrillist reports that Apple said the issue, which causes the phones to shutdown is just a small number of iPhones manufactured between September and October 2015.

So how would one go about getting an iPhone battery replaced? You’ll need to visit an Apple store or authorized service provider. They’ll be able to check if you qualify for the free replacement battery by checking your phone’s serial number.

On a positive note, if your iPhone 6S is automatically shutting down, this is not a safety issue. So don’t expect a travel warning or your iPhone to be banned from being brought on planes like the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was.

I’m debating whether or not I should have my iPhone 6S checked out. While it doesn’t shut down frequently, it does freeze up at times. Could it be a battery issue or something else? Who knows, maybe an Apple Genius does!

Find out more from Thrillist about iPhone batteries being replaced here.

4 thoughts on “Apple Replacing Some iPhone Batteries for Free

  1. I actually got mine replaced two weeks ago for this exact issue. It would randomly shut down with like 30% battery and not come back on until I had charged it.

  2. This happened to me two days ago while walking around in Bejing. My phone just shut off out of no where. Tried turning it back on but kept showing that it needed to be charged, however it has 70% battery left. Luckily I knew where I was at or id be lost!!

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