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Top Tourist Attraction In Each State

Tourist attraction

In recent years I’ve been trying to see more of the U.S. It’s impressive to think about just how many amazing sites and places the country has to see.

To date I’ve been to 32 states and just a handful of National Parks. In the future I’d like to complete visiting every state as well as see many of the parks.

Each state seems to have  something interesting or which makes it stand out. Some might have the famous national parks, monuments, stadiums or even a well-known food dish. Continue reading Top Tourist Attraction In Each State

Most Visited Tourist Attractions in World

most visited tourist attractions
The Grand Bazaar- Istanbul, Turkey

Have you ever wondered what the most visited tourist sites in the world might be?

I haven’t ever really given this topic much thought but if I had to guess, I’d go with popular sites like the Eiffel Tower, Times Square and maybe something like Disney World.

Travel + Leisure put together a slide show of World’s Most-Visited Tourist Attractions.

Going through the slide show, I’m not so sure that I’d consider the most-visited attractions such a great representation of the world’s best.  Continue reading Most Visited Tourist Attractions in World