Strangest Law In Each US State

US stateIn early 2014 I wrote about 10 Crazy Driving Laws Around the World.

A couple of favorites were: Russia- keep your car clean and Alabama- don’t drive blindfolded!

There are definitely odd laws all around the world that we need to be careful of violating while visiting a new country. For instance, during our recent (and upcoming) visit to the UAE, I need to be extra careful not to curse while texting. Luckily, there isn’t really much for me to worry about since I don’t text while using my phone in foreign counties.

Well what about odd laws at home in the good old USA?

I can’t say that I am too familiar with strange laws around the country but I will try to remember the law mentioned above for Alabama.

Thrillist recently had an article about The Weirdest Laws In Every State in America. When I saw the title, I was definitely curious to find out some crazy laws which exist around the US.

Rather than mention all 50 strange laws, I’ll just include a few of my favorites.

  • AlaskaDon’t give a moose a beer. Would somebody actually do this?
  • ArkansasMispronouncing the state name is strictly forbidden. Just to help some of you out, it’s Ar-Can-Saw
  • Connecticut For a pickle to legally be called a pickle, it must bounce. I’ll keep that in mind if I ever decide to make pickles.
  • IndianaYou can not catch fish with bare hands anywhere in the state. Doubt I could do so even if I tried.
  • Massachusetts–  Exploding golf balls can get first-time offenders a fine of up to $500. This just makes no sense…
  • New MexicoSinging or playing the national anthem or Oh Fair New Mexico in the state must be fully completed. Weird…
  • OhioGiving fish alcohol is not allowed. My thoughts- same idea as Alaska.
  • TexasIf you’re standing up, you can only take 3 sips of beer. Why?

Do you know of any other strange laws in US states (or around the world)? If so please share them in the comments.

Find out about all of the weirdest laws in each US state here.

4 thoughts on “Strangest Law In Each US State

  1. Regarding Indiana’s law, catching fish with the bare hands is called “noodling” and is popular in certain regions of the south. The idea is to grab the fish by the mouth when it is hiding out under an overhanging tree stump on the bank of the river or pond…you have to find and catch the fish by feel.

    The major hazard for noodlers is to grab a water moccasin snake by mistake.

  2. Even today, it is illegal for a female to operate a motor vehicle unless a male is running in front of it with flags warning others of the female driver
    In Atlanta, GA it is illegal to tie a Giraffe to a light post
    In Acworth, GA it is illegal to carry an icecream cone in your back pocket.

    In South Carolina, it is legal to beat the crap out of your wife on Sundays on the steps of the courthouse.

    All true, not a joke.

  3. Miles- Thanks for the info! I think I once saw some show about noodlers, catching catfish. Totally forgot about that.

    deltahater- Wow, some pretty crazy laws here. Thanks for sharing!

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