Best Spots In World To Be Naked

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Last year I wrote about an event called The Naked Sledding World Championship which took place in a small town in Germany.

This definitely sounded like it had the makings of an extremely bizarre event. Some of you might wonder why the event would take place in Germany. But then you might remember that it’s legal to get naked in Germany. They also won the world championship for nudity. 

So why all of the references to nudity and Germany?

I came across an article from Thrillist about The 10 Best Spots In The World To Be Naked and crazy as it might sound, Germany placed two times.

No, I’m not into nudity or naked travel / tourism but the topic does bring up memories of my first trip to Europe, years back. Besides lots of topless women being on the beaches in Ibiza, a friend and I got quite a few laughs from seeing lots of overweight men wearing speedos. (I guess this just isn’t a familiar sight to see for Americans…)

Here are Thrillist’s 10 Best Spots In The World To Be Naked:

  • Best Thermal Bath: Kaiser-Friederich-Therme- Wiesbaden, Germany
  • Best Nude Resort: Hidden Beach Resort- Riviera Maya, Mexico
  • Best Nude Beach: Plage de Tahiti- St Tropez, France
  • Best Nude Cruise: Bare Necessities Tours & Travel- Italy, Greece, Montenegro, Albania, Slovenia & Croatia
  • Best Nude Campsite: Valalta- Rovinj, Croatia
  • Best Nude Inn: Abbotts Glen- Jacksonville, VT
  • Best Nude Park: Englischer Garten- Munich, Germany
  • Best Nude Event: Pilwarren Maslin Beach Nude Games- Maslin Beach, Australia
  • Best Nude Hot Spring: Strawberry Park- Steamboat Springs, CO
  • Best Nude Lake: Prior Lake- View Royal, BC, Canada

I don’t have any experience visiting naked spots around the world but I have been to one place which made Thrillist’s list. During my first trip to Germany, I headed over to the Englischer Garten to have a beer. While walking around the park no nudists were spotted, then again I was there during the winter.

Find out about each of the top places n the world to be naked here.

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