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Family Travel Tip: Don’t Forget To Bring…

family travelLucas and I went on our 2nd Father Son Trip to Mexico in July 2016.

While all-inclusive resorts aren’t my thing, since I won the trip how could I refuse to go! I also knew that Lucas would have a great time since he just loves playing in the water and in the sand.

To make the trip a bit more exciting for me, I set up a visit to a UNESCO World Heritage Site that I had yet to visit, Chichen Itza, located in Mexico’s Yucatan.

During the visit, I committed what I’d consider to be the biggest family travel mistake I’ve made to date. Continue reading Family Travel Tip: Don’t Forget To Bring…

Delta Ordered Over 222,000,000… in 2013

DeltaLogoIt always seems to be a fun time when snacks are given out during a flight. Maybe it’s not exactly fun but it is a good way to break up the boredom and have something to do. These days it seems like a big surprise or better yet, a reward when snacks are offered due to how stingy the airlines have become.

The funniest part of receiving  an airline snacks is the fact that it’s probably not even something that you really wanted! Did I really need that tiny bag of pretzels? What happened to the honey roasted flavor that used to come with my peanuts?  Continue reading Delta Ordered Over 222,000,000… in 2013

17 Airline Snacks To Eat Right Now

a pile of different snacks
image from T+L article

When it comes to airline snacks, a couple of thoughts come to mind: Will there even be a snack served ? If so, will it be the usual small bag of pretzels or peanuts?

Southwest offers small bags of pretzels or if you’re lucky you might get some plane cookies. I’ve only had the cookies (very similar to Teddy Grahams) on a couple of flights.

When flying Air Berlin we got an interesting treat at the end of the flight. The flight attendants gave out really tasty chocolate hearts while leaving the plane.

The best bet is to come prepared with your own stash of snacks just in case the selection on board isn’t so great. Kim and I try to bring along some snack for ourself and Lucas during each trip. It’s definitely best not to be caught unprepared (especially when traveling with a little one).

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Southwest Plane Cookies, A Fun and Tasty Snack

a yellow bag of food

While on an early morning flight with Southwest the snacks were not the usual honey roasted peanuts. Instead, we were each given a bag of cookies and some pop- chips.
I took a quick glance at the package of cookies and then put them in my seat-back pocket to save for later on during the flight.

When I went to open them up I was a bit surprised. I thought that I had read that they were plain cookies.
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