JetBlue Making Big Change To Snack & Beverage Service


JetBlue offers unlimited snacks with my favorite being the Terra Blue chips.

Their flight attendants currently walk down the aisle bringing a basket filled with snacks around offering them to passengers. For drink service, orders are taken which are carried out on trays.

JetBlue is making a big change in the way drinks and snacks will be delivered.

Bloomberg reports that, “JetBlue Airways Corp. flight attendants are turning in their trays and will begin using onboard carts as passengers call for faster snack and beverage service and more options.”

The switch to carts should make service take less than half the current time. On top of that, the switch should allow the airline to offer all of their snack and beverage options on 95% of their flights.

This change will now mean that Southwest Airlines is the only US carrier using trays to deliver drinks to passengers.

JetBlue flight attendants will be serving passengers from small half-carts which were created by employees.

Find out more from Bloomberg here.

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