17 Airline Snacks To Eat Right Now

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When it comes to airline snacks, a couple of thoughts come to mind: Will there even be a snack served ? If so, will it be the usual small bag of pretzels or peanuts?

Southwest offers small bags of pretzels or if you’re lucky you might get some plane cookies. I’ve only had the cookies (very similar to Teddy Grahams) on a couple of flights.

When flying Air Berlin we got an interesting treat at the end of the flight. The flight attendants gave out really tasty chocolate hearts while leaving the plane.

The best bet is to come prepared with your own stash of snacks just in case the selection on board isn’t so great. Kim and I try to bring along some snack for ourself and Lucas during each trip. It’s definitely best not to be caught unprepared (especially when traveling with a little one).

I came across an interesting slideshow from Travel + Leisure- 17 Airline Snacks We Want To Eat Right Now.

Check out the list:

  1. Dried Natto– Japan Airlines: Sour tasting fermented soybeans
  2. Cherry Ripe Chocolate Bars– Virgin Australia: Chewey cherry and coconut  coated in dark chocolate
  3. Snack du Jour– Air Tahiti: Snack mix of cheese sticks & sesame crackers in coach, premium nuts added for first class
  4. Havanna Alfajores Cookies– Lan: Almond cookies with dulce de leche in the middle, dipped in either white or dark chocolate
  5. Achiras del Huila Biscuits– Avianca: A thick, cheesy biscuit
  6. Nongshim Shrimp Crackers– Korean Air: Prawn crackers in the shape of french fries
  7. Chewy Sweets– British Airways: Chewy vintage candies given at the end of flights
  8. Terra Blue Potato Chips– Jetblue: Slightly nutty, tasty blue potato chips
  9. Biscoff Cookies– Delta Airlines: Crunchy, carmelized cookies with a some cinnamon and other spices added.
  10. Tamari Almonds and Uglies: Quantas: Almonds roasted with soy sauce, Uglies are knobby chocolate nuggets packed with honeycomb crumbles and wheat crunchies
  11. Turkish Delight– Turkish Airlines: Candies covered in powdered sugar filled with chopped pistachios, rose water , orange & lemon
  12. Sweet Cone– Air France: Gourmet cone of confections filled with a variety of things
  13. Furikake and Sweet Potato & Taro Chips, Wasa Ranch Popcorn– Hawaiian Airlines: Tradtional snacks given a tropical twist
  14. Macaroon and Salted Caramel Popcorn– Virgin America: Local artisinal snacks from San Francisco
  15. Milk Chocolate & Tea– Swiss International Airlines: Fresh herbal teas blended in the Alps and a small branded milk chocolate bar.
  16. Lollies– New Zealand: Sucking candies in a variety of flavors
  17. Patatas Fritas– Iberia: Thick-cut chips which come in decorated box

While going over the slideshow there were some things that I’d like to try. The snacks from Air Tahiti Nui, Avianca, Virgin America, Swiss and Iberia sound great!

Which snacks would you most like to try?

Find out more in the T+L slideshow here.

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