Delta Ordered Over 222,000,000… in 2013

DeltaLogoIt always seems to be a fun time when snacks are given out during a flight. Maybe it’s not exactly fun but it is a good way to break up the boredom and have something to do. These days it seems like a big surprise or better yet, a reward when snacks are offered due to how stingy the airlines have become.

The funniest part of receiving  an airline snacks is the fact that it’s probably not even something that you really wanted! Did I really need that tiny bag of pretzels? What happened to the honey roasted flavor that used to come with my peanuts? 

Delta does give out a snack that I, like many others do enjoy- Biscoff cookies.

I came across an interesting stat from Delta’s blog TakingOff that I’d like to share. I don’t know that this stat is really of much importance besides the fact that it shows that Delta gave out lot of snacks!

In 2013, Delta ordered 222.6 million snacks including Biscoff cookies, peanuts and pretzels. Which one is your favorite?

Here is an infographic showing the amount of snacks Delta ordered.

a comparison of cookies and crackersI guess pretzels are still the most popular snack served by Delta.

What’s your favorite snack that is given out during flights? I’d have to go with Terra Blue chips from JetBlue!

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