JetBlue Offering New Snack Options


JetBlue is known for offering free, unlimited snacks during flights.

My snack of choice are the tasty Terra Blues chips and Kim & Lucas love the Popcorners.

The airline just announced some new snack options during flights but I could swear that they were already available during Lucas and my flight to Mexico last week.

JetBlue will now be offering five free snack options including the two new ones, Cheez-It crackers and Craisins dried cranberries. The other options are Terra Blues, Popcorners and Skeeter nut-free chocolate chip cookies.

In a press release that I received, it mentions that “JetBlue regularly refreshes its onboard snack options to include new choices and address changing customer preferences, but two things never change: snacks on JetBlue are always free, and always unlimited“.

I didn’t realize how long it’s been, but JetBlue has been offering free snacks for 16 years.

During our flight last week, Lucas and I were pretty hungry so I ordered the “BeefUp” Box which usually sells for $7. Since I have the airline’s branded credit card, I felt it was worth giving a try since I only pay half price with the card. At $3.50 I found the box to be a very good deal.

Lucas and I flew on Southwest on Monday. They also offered Cheez-It crackers- Southwest had the 100 calorie packs available.

What’s your snack of choice when flying JetBlue? I’ll stick with my favorite Terra Blues!

Find out more about the new snack options here.

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