Southwest Plane Cookies, A Fun and Tasty Snack

a yellow bag of food

While on an early morning flight with Southwest the snacks were not the usual honey roasted peanuts. Instead, we were each given a bag of cookies and some pop- chips.
I took a quick glance at the package of cookies and then put them in my seat-back pocket to save for later on during the flight.

When I went to open them up I was a bit surprised. I thought that I had read that they were plain cookies.
To my surprise they were plane cookies, not plain cookies.

a group of brown food on a foil

They definitely weren’t plain. They were plane shaped honey graham cookies, tasty as could be! They reminded me of Teddy Grahams but in the shape of a plane.

Have you ever been given any fun snacks on a flight?

2 thoughts on “Southwest Plane Cookies, A Fun and Tasty Snack

  1. I enjoyed the plane cookies so much, is there any I can purchase them? They are the best cookies I have ever had. Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Say there is a way for me to purchase some. I look forward to hearing from you soon. By the way I only fly Southwest.

    Thanking You in advance,
    Yvonne Harris

  2. Hawaiian Airlines gives POG juice on every flight, which I didn’t know and was very excited by during our short inter-island hops.

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