Southwest Plane Cookies, A Fun and Tasty Snack

While on an early morning flight with Southwest the snacks were not the usual honey roasted peanuts. Instead, we were each given a bag of cookies and some pop- chips.
I took a quick glance at the package of cookies and then put them in my seat-back pocket to save for later on during the flight.

When I went to open them up I was a bit surprised. I thought that I had read that they were plain cookies.
To my surprise they were plane cookies, not plain cookies.

They definitely weren’t plain. They were plane shaped honey graham cookies, tasty as could be! They reminded me of Teddy Grahams┬ábut in the shape of a plane.

Have you ever been given any fun snacks on a flight?

One thought on “Southwest Plane Cookies, A Fun and Tasty Snack

  1. Hawaiian Airlines gives POG juice on every flight, which I didn’t know and was very excited by during our short inter-island hops.

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