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Suicide On JetBlue Flight Stopped By Cops Flying Home From NYPD Funeral

attempted suicide

This story is definitely a bit scary or crazy…

Three police officers from Utah were flying home to Salt Lake City from the funeral of a NYPD officer when they had to step-in to help save a woman trying to commit suicide during the flight.

The officers were flying with JetBlue since the airline made a generous offer to fly in police officers from around the country to attend the funerals of two NYPD officers slain in Brooklyn last month. Continue reading Suicide On JetBlue Flight Stopped By Cops Flying Home From NYPD Funeral

To Protect And Serve…Pizza

two police officers holding a pizza box

I came across a great story which has to do with my favorite food, pizza.

The police might be going through an all-time low in popularity around the U.S. due to a couple of recent incidents which led to fatalities.

However, the police do stick their necks out on the line, day in and day out for us. When I think of the police, the motto- To Protect and Serve usually comes to mind. Continue reading To Protect And Serve…Pizza

An Awesome Souvenir: Policia Nacional Helmet- Colombia

a white helmet with a green emblem
Colombia National Police Helmet

During our trip to Colombia (a few years back), Kim and I spent a few days in Bogota.
We both really liked the city and would’ve liked a bit more time there.

We visited a few museums in Bogota including the National Police Museum.
The museum was really interesting. There were lots of displays featuring various gear and weapons used by the police over the years. There was also a lot of space devoted to Pablo Escobar, the infamous cocaine drug lord. The best part of the museum is that admission is free and you are given a private tour by a young, local guide serving their mandatory one year of service with the police.The guides seemed to be enjoying their jobs  and told us they were happy to have people to practice their English with.

a police officers standing outside of a building

When we left the museum, we saw lots of small shops selling police paraphernalia.
Continue reading An Awesome Souvenir: Policia Nacional Helmet- Colombia