Suicide On JetBlue Flight Stopped By Cops Flying Home From NYPD Funeral

attempted suicide

This story is definitely a bit scary or crazy…

Three police officers from Utah were flying home to Salt Lake City from the funeral of a NYPD officer when they had to step-in to help save a woman trying to commit suicide during the flight.

The officers were flying with JetBlue since the airline made a generous offer to fly in police officers from around the country to attend the funerals of two NYPD officers slain in Brooklyn last month.

The funeral of Officer Wenjian Liu had taken place in Brooklyn on Sunday. The three Utah officers were heading home on Monday.

One of the stranger things related to the flight was that ,(according to the ABC News article) “a flight attendant announced that the officers were on board “and she said ‘you will never have a safer flight,’ and so I guess that’s one way to curse a flight, is to tell everybody how safe it’s going to be.”

From what I read in the article, a 32-year-old Long Island woman was separated from her husband and acting out of control. She started taking pills and even wrote a suicide note.

One of the officers involved, Detective Stromberg said, “she was kicking, spitting and throwing things around. It was pretty much a street fight at 30,000 feet”.

Luckily the officers stepped in and restrained the woman. The flight was diverted to Chicago due to the incident.

Another officer that helped, Detective Odor said “I just grabbed the pill bottle out of her hand and the note she was going to put on her lap and it explained what she had done to kill herself”.

The woman was able to swallow some of the pills which “started to take effect” by the time the plane was landing. By then she was asking for help according to Sgt. Wall, “she wanted her stomach pumped and she wanted her daddy”.

The flight continued on after the stop, arriving in Salt Lake City at 2:30AM.

Find out more from ABC News here.

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  1. This is clearly the flight attendants fault and JetBlue’s. And every customer on that flight should be refunded and flown free for the rest of their flight 🙂

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