To Protect And Serve…Pizza

two police officers holding a pizza box

I came across a great story which has to do with my favorite food, pizza.

The police might be going through an all-time low in popularity around the U.S. due to a couple of recent incidents which led to fatalities.

However, the police do stick their necks out on the line, day in and day out for us. When I think of the police, the motto- To Protect and Serve usually comes to mind.

Well what if the serve part of that statement meant delivering pizza!

A Pizza Hut delivery driver got injured in a crash in Portland, Oregon this month. Rather than let the couple that ordered the pizza go hungry, two police officers decided to make the delivery.

NBC News says that the couple was “concerned earlier this month when the officers showed up at their home, but they started laughing when they received the pizza”.

The Portland PD tweeted a photo of Officers Filbert and Curtiss making the delivery.

According to the article, the driver hurt his neck and back in the accident.

It looks like the Portland PD really takes the motto To Serve to heart!

Find out more in the article from NBC News here.

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