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Quiz: Can You Guess the Major City

How good are you at identifying cities based on how they look?

While I wouldn’t consider myself any sort of geography expert, I do think that I could identify many cities due to famous landmarks. (I’d guess that many of you could too!)

When thinking of cities and their famous site/ landmark, here are some that come to mind: Continue reading Quiz: Can You Guess the Major City

How Many European Countries Have You Visited?

Last week I was inspired to look into how many U.S. states I’ve been to thanks to a short and simple post from Buzzfeed. (Check out the post here and use the checklist to see how many you’ve visited.)

The post brought a good amount of interest. A bunch of readers have made it to all 50 states and some others were close to completing this special feat.  Continue reading How Many European Countries Have You Visited?

How Many States Have You Visited?

During our trip Back to The Balkans we’ve ran into very few fellow travelers from the United States. It seems like just about everyone that we chat with is from close by, somewhere else in Europe.

Many are even surprised to see Americans visiting this region which we find to be a bit funny in some ways…

When meeting fellow travelers a popular conversation tends to be where everyone is from and where they have been. Continue reading How Many States Have You Visited?

Life Hacks That Have Gone Too Far

I’ve come across quite a few articles related to life and travel hacks which I really enjoy checking out. Through these articles I’ve learned some neat, new tricks while also laughing at some ridiculously funny and outrageous ideas.

I guess one person’s life hack might be another’s idea of stupidity or a good laugh!

I’ve shared a bunch of these hack articles here on Michael W Travels,  with the most recent one being about 28 Brilliant Travel Hacks. I came across this article on Buzzfeed. In the article I leaned some great tricks like wrapping shoes in shower caps and putting a dryer sheet in your suitcase to keep things smelling fresh.

Continue reading Life Hacks That Have Gone Too Far

Amazing Websites That Will Save You Money

image credit: miracleskate.com

If you ask me, I’d say that just about everybody loves a good deal and likes to save money. This especially holds true for those of us that are involved (obsessed?) in the hobbie of collecting miles and points.

There are lots of ways to save some money- coupons, sales, special offers (like Amex Sync). The list could probably go on and on.

Buzzfeed came up with a whole list of other ways that could potentially save us some hard earned cash. Continue reading Amazing Websites That Will Save You Money

28 Brilliant Travel Hacks

Genius idea!

I love coming across new ways to make things in life easier. This holds true especially for travel-related situations.

Like a wise man (Benjamin Franklin) once said, “time is money”. I definitely keep this adage in mind at work and when travelling. Another thing I value is space. I think I’ve finally mastered the art of bringing just enough of what I need and not too much extra (while this is true for me, we still always bring extra stuff for Lucas). Keeping those two things in mind, I am always looking for things that will save me time and space when travelling.

In the post 28 Brilliant Travel Hacks You Need To Know For Summer Travel, I came across some new ways (and some that I’ve seen before)to help simplify things related to travel. Continue reading 28 Brilliant Travel Hacks

Funny Signs You’d Only See In Britain

Many of you may have noticed that I love funny and ridiculous street signs. Randomly coming across one of these signs is like finding a little bonus whether it be during a trip or at home!

Check out some of the signs that I’ve spotted & written about (and a few others that have been contributed by readers) in the tab Ridiculous Street Signs.

On some of my more recent trips, I can’t say that I’ve seen many funny, quality signs. Continue reading Funny Signs You’d Only See In Britain