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What Do Foreign Tourists Think of U.S.

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Ever wonder what foreigners think of Americans or better yet, the United States as a whole?

While I have some ideas of what the generalized ugly American (while traveling or at home) might appear to look like, these ideas are usually just bad stereotypes. (To get some ideas, check out the post Worst Things Americans Say On Vacation.)

When I think of what foreigners might think of us, I’d probably guess loud, out of shape, entitled, rude and some other (not so nice) things along those lines. Continue reading What Do Foreign Tourists Think of U.S.

How Many States Have You Visited?

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During our trip Back to The Balkans we’ve ran into very few fellow travelers from the United States. It seems like just about everyone that we chat with is from close by, somewhere else in Europe.

Many are even surprised to see Americans visiting this region which we find to be a bit funny in some ways…

When meeting fellow travelers a popular conversation tends to be where everyone is from and where they have been. Continue reading How Many States Have You Visited?

How Much Of The U.S. Have You Seen?

a mountain range with trees and textI like to consider myself a well-traveled person. During our travels, we try to see lots of sites and come away with lots of great, local experiences.

However, when it comes to seeing the United States, I feel like I haven’t seen nearly enough of the country. I didn’t have a ton of interest in exploring the US up until the past few years. On some of our local trip, I’ve definitely been impressed, especially during our week spent traveling around South Dakota. Continue reading How Much Of The U.S. Have You Seen?