How Many European Countries Have You Visited?

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Last week I was inspired to look into how many U.S. states I’ve been to thanks to a short and simple post from Buzzfeed. (Check out the post here and use the checklist to see how many you’ve visited.)

The post brought a good amount of interest. A bunch of readers have made it to all 50 states and some others were close to completing this special feat. 

I’ve visited 30 states so far. Up until the past few years I never really focused much on domestic travel but we’ve recently been trying to make it a point to see more of our country.

When I think of countries visited, especially those in Europe, I’ve always joked how I probably have been to more European countries than U.S. states. (I also tend to compare Americans visiting states to Europeans visiting countries in Europe.)

This brings me to an article (with very little info) from Buzzfeed. The article isn’t anything more than a checklist where you can determine How Many Countries In Europe Have You Been To?

I was eager to go over the checklist and see what my tally was.

Here is my result:

a screenshot of a websiteAccording to Buzzfeed’s list I’ve been to 32 countries however if you go by the list of UN Member States, then a couple of these would not count (Kosovo and Vatican City).

So if I were to go by the UN Member States list as my criterian this would mean that I’ve actually been to 30 European countries which is a tie with the amount of U.S. states I’ve visited!

If you’re curious to find out how many European countries you’ve visited, you can use the Buzzfeed checklist here.

How many European countries you’ve been to? Let us know in the comments below.

8 thoughts on “How Many European Countries Have You Visited?

  1. Mike- 16 is solid!

    Edward Ross- Iceland is in Europe. Do you consider it part of N.America? As for Asia- Armenia, Azerbaijan & Georgia. I agree and should’ve pointed this out.

    1. Politically Iceland can be considered part of Europe. While closer to Europe than North America, geologically it is a mixture of both European and North American formations.

      1. Right but Iceland is still closer to Europe and I don’t think many would consider it a part of North America. An argument could also be made to consider the 3 Asian countries you pointed out being part of Europe in some ways. (I wouldn’t.)

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