Life Hacks That Have Gone Too Far

a man with a cell phone on his earI’ve come across quite a few articles related to life and travel hacks which I really enjoy checking out. Through these articles I’ve learned some neat, new tricks while also laughing at some ridiculously funny and outrageous ideas.

I guess one person’s life hack might be another’s idea of stupidity or a good laugh!

I’ve shared a bunch of these hack articles here on Michael W Travels,  with the most recent one being about 28 Brilliant Travel Hacks. I came across this article on Buzzfeed. In the article I leaned some great tricks like wrapping shoes in shower caps and putting a dryer sheet in your suitcase to keep things smelling fresh.

Life hacks aren’t always helpful with many just being a joke or a spoof. Think of the times life hacks have been really bizarre and out there, seeming a bit too crazy.

Buzzfeed came up with 24 Pictures That Prove That Life Hacks Have Gone Way Too Far.

I found myself cracking up at some of the ideas in this post while others came off as just plain silly.

Here are some of my favorites (including the photo above):

a clock with a piece of paper a person holding a phone with a brush

a blue truck with a red ladder on the back a red couch with a chair and a table a box of crayons and a lit crayon a grill with meat on itWhat do you think of life/ travel hacks? Are they helpful or just plain stupid?

Check out the original post from Buzzfeed HERE and let us know which hack was your favorite

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