What U.S. City Should You Actually Live In? Take the Quiz

It’s time again for one of Buzzfeed’s fun quizzes.

This time the question: What U.S. City Should You Actually Live In? will be answered.

If any of you have been thinking of moving and are unsure where to go, then this quiz should definitely be for you!

The quiz has 10 multiple choice questions so it will only take a minute!

Here are a few of the questions:

Here is the city that Buzzfeed said I should actually live:

Boston is a city that I’ve visited a few times and really enjoy. I’d love to take Lucas there one of these days but am not so sure that I’d want to live there. Most of the reasons that Buzzfeed said I should live in Boston seemed to be pretty accurate which was interesting!

Find out what U.S. city you should live in by taking the Buzzfeed quiz HERE. Let us know where you are from and where Buzzfeed said you should live in the comments below.

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