Funny Signs You’d Only See In Britain

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Many of you may have noticed that I love funny and ridiculous street signs. Randomly coming across one of these signs is like finding a little bonus whether it be during a trip or at home!

Check out some of the signs that I’ve spotted & written about (and a few others that have been contributed by readers) in the tab Ridiculous Street Signs.

On some of my more recent trips, I can’t say that I’ve seen many funny, quality signs.

However, I came across a fun post from Buzzfeed which has 41 Funny Signs You’d Only See In Britain. I couldn’t wait to see what they came up with and hoped that the signs lived up to the Michael W Travels standards. (I’m still actually trying to figure out what the standard is!)

While 41 signs definitely sounds like a bit much to feature here, I figured that I would share a bunch of my favorites from Buzzfeed’s post.

Here they are:

No mobiles on the dance floor please. It kills the vibe and makes you look like a boring bastard.

a sign with a picture of a cell phonePlease do not empty your dog here.

a sign with black textOnly Foods & Sauces- Available for outside catering.

a mobile food cart with a man standing behind it

Please do not film us, our wives think we are fishing in West Wales.

a group of people holding a signAnd my favorite one:

No hoods.

a sign on a doorCheck out Buzzfeed’s post 41 Funny Signs Only Seen in Britan and let us know which were your favorites in the comments below.

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