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Prison- The New “In” Place To Dine?

unusual restaurants london
image: Franklin County Prison

There is a hot new place to dine in the U.K. and it’s probably the last place you’d expect people to go for a high end meal.

I’ve heard of various trendy and popular foods that people are willng to wait on long lines for. I’m thinking of more recent items like the incredible Ramen Burger, the Cronut (still haven’t tried a real one) and other things along those lines.

But what about popular or trendy places to dine? Bed restaurants, highly priced tasting menus, pop-up resaurants, dining in the dark,  Medieval Times? (I’m not really serious about the last option.)

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Funny Signs You’d Only See In Britain

a sign on a shelf

Many of you may have noticed that I love funny and ridiculous street signs. Randomly coming across one of these signs is like finding a little bonus whether it be during a trip or at home!

Check out some of the signs that I’ve spotted & written about (and a few others that have been contributed by readers) in the tab Ridiculous Street Signs.

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