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Woman Suing Tortas Frontera ORD for Margarita Injury

Tortas Frontera

Tortas Frontera by Rick Bayless (at O’Hare Airport in Chicago) is consistently rated as one of the top airport restaurants. Check out an article about US airports ranked by food.

While many know that Tortas Frontera serves delicious food, can it be dangerous to dine there? Probably not likely.

One woman is suing, due to an injury she claims to have received at one of the restaurant’s airport locations. Continue reading Woman Suing Tortas Frontera ORD for Margarita Injury

You Can Fly With You Marijuana In This State

marijuana in oregon
image: CNN

The legal acceptance of marijuana around the U.S. has been increasing in recent time.

According to CNN, as of April 2015 four states (Alaska, Colorado, Oregon & Washington) and Washington, DC allow the recreational use of marijuana. Many others legally allow its use for medicinal purposes.

From what I’ve read, more states will follow, allowing for the recreational use of marijuana in the future. I’m not a smoker and prefer not to breathe in other people’s smoke whether it be cigarettes, cigars or pot so these new laws do nothing for me in a positive way…

So what if those that enjoy smoking up want to fly with their marijuana? Continue reading You Can Fly With You Marijuana In This State

Find Out Where To Dine Before Your Flight: Eater’s Airport Dining Guides


In January 2014 I wrote about what I’d consider to be an extremely useful tool for finding the best airport eats, Eater’s Airport Dining Guides.

Since coming across Eater’s guides, I’ve used them every time that I’ve passed through a domestic airport and was in need of a meal or maybe even a snack! 🙂

I’ve noticed that the guides were in need of an update and it looks like it’s here. Continue reading Find Out Where To Dine Before Your Flight: Eater’s Airport Dining Guides

America’s Happiest Airports?

US Airports
image: flypdx.com

I never really thought of airports as happy places besides the fact that they are the gateway to getting us to our destination.

Maybe it’s the kid in me, but I still kinda find going to the airport exciting. But are they happy?

I came across an article from Fox News which wondered “Are these America’s happiest airports?Continue reading America’s Happiest Airports?

Frequent Flier’s Guide To Airport Eating

how to stay healthy
image: Outside Online

Do you think that there is a correlation between what you eat prior to a flight and getting sick while on the plane?

I wouldn’t think that this would matter much at all but Outside Magazine thinks differently.

Outside Magazine came up with an interesting article, A Frequent Flier’s Guide To Airport Eating. Continue reading Frequent Flier’s Guide To Airport Eating

Top US Airports Ranked By Food

best airport food
image: Thrillist

Last year I wrote about Eater’s Airport Dining Guides which are a great way to find out about the best food at many airports.

I use the guides just about every time we fly. They’ve saved us the time of wandering around in search of better food since we could just look it up in Eater’s guide.

You can also find out about the Best Airport Food in the World in a post from a couple of months back.

I came across another useful list of airport food from Thrillist. Continue reading Top US Airports Ranked By Food

Best Airports For Kids

traveling with kidsOver Lucas first 2+ years traveling, he’s visited just a shade under 50 airports.

Over this time we’ve come across some airports which have really fun play areas for kids. As great as these play areas can seem, there have also been times where we’ve had to avoid or distract Lucas from seeing them. When you’re in a rush to catch a flight, there isn’t always time for a play pit-stop! Continue reading Best Airports For Kids

Best Airport Food in the World

image: CNTraveler

In recent years, airport food has been greatly improving. Some airports are offering gourmet and high-end food while others have what I like to call higher-end fast food.

We used to always bring lots of snacks and sometimes even a small meal to eat while waiting for our flights to take off, but these days it might be worth checking out what the airport has to offer in terms of tasty, sometimes gourmet food.

(Check out Eater’s Airport Dining Guides to find out the best of what some airports have to offer.) Continue reading Best Airport Food in the World

Most Glorious Things To Ever Happen In An Airport

An airport isn’t the kind of place where you’d  go for a good laugh, to get easily amused or have amazing things happen. However, at times these kinds of things can happen at the airport.

The funniest things I’ve seen at the airport, was at the check-in counter.

The guy next to me was trying to check his 50 lb dumbells. Weird item, kind of interesting but what’s so funny? Southwest wanted to charge the man additional fees even though they allow 2 pieces of checked luggage for free, weighing up to 50lbs each. However, Southwest’s scale had said that the dumbbells each weighed 52 lbs. Due to this, the airline wanted to charge him a $50 fee.

More recently, I saw a girl placing an odd item into her carry-on while checking some luggage for a flight.

Continue reading Most Glorious Things To Ever Happen In An Airport

85 Thoughts Everyone Has At The Airport

You’re at the airport killing time before your flight. Some of you might be enjoying a visit to the (usually over-rated in my opinion) airline lounge. If you’re traveling alone, you might wonder who will be seated next to you. Others will worry about overhead bin space.

I usually wonder if the flight will leave on time and also hope that there will be a decent movie selection (since I pretty much, never go to the movies anymore). Since Lucas has been born, I may have seen 2-3 movies in the theater. (On the way to Milan last week, I was glad to catch an amazing movie- 12 Years A Slave.)

Continue reading 85 Thoughts Everyone Has At The Airport