Top US Airports Ranked By Food

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image: Thrillist

Last year I wrote about Eater’s Airport Dining Guides which are a great way to find out about the best food at many airports.

I use the guides just about every time we fly. They’ve saved us the time of wandering around in search of better food since we could just look it up in Eater’s guide.

You can also find out about the Best Airport Food in the World in a post from a couple of months back.

I came across another useful list of airport food from Thrillist.

In the article, “Every Important Airport, Ranked By Its Food/ Drink”, it was interesting to see what was considered to be the best airport for dining. I was also curious to see where/ if the local NYC ranked.

Thrillist ranks 72 airports with the last place to make the list being Bozeman Yellowstone International.

Here is where NYC area airports ranked:

  • JFK- John F Kennedy Airport– 4th place: With two Shake Shake’s among the other dining options, it’s probably my favorite airport to dine at right now.
  • EWR- Newark Liberty International– 5th Place: The last couple of times we’ve flown through Newark, we ate at Smashburger. I don’t recall seeing much else of interest.
  • LGA- LaGuardia Airport– 14th place: I’ve heard about a bunch of great dining options including a burger place from famed butcher Pat LaFrieda and a pizzeria associated with DiFara which is ranked usually as one of the top places in America. However, the only decent dining we’ve done at LGA was at the Amex Centurion Lounge.

Here is the Top 10 Rankings:

  1. Dallas/ Fort Worth International
  2. San Francisco International
  3. Los Angeles International
  4. JFK
  5. Newark Liberty International
  6. Portland International Airport
  7. San Diego International
  8. Denver International
  9. Nashville International
  10. Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta

Some are My Top 3 Airport Eats:

  • JFK- Shake Shack
  • ATL- Chic-fil-A
  • ORD- Tortas Frontera

Based on an event I attended a couple of weeks back, it’s safe for me to say that Newark Liberty (EWR) is going to transform into one of the top, if not the top airport dining option in the country by 2016.  With the level of amazing chefs they have on board, it could probably be a dining destination in its own right.

Check out Thrillist’s full list of airport food rankings here.

If you have a favorite airport or place at an airport to dine, please share with us in the comments below!

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