You Can Fly With You Marijuana In This State

marijuana in oregon
image: CNN

The legal acceptance of marijuana around the U.S. has been increasing in recent time.

According to CNN, as of April 2015 four states (Alaska, Colorado, Oregon & Washington) and Washington, DC allow the recreational use of marijuana. Many others legally allow its use for medicinal purposes.

From what I’ve read, more states will follow, allowing for the recreational use of marijuana in the future. I’m not a smoker and prefer not to breathe in other people’s smoke whether it be cigarettes, cigars or pot so these new laws do nothing for me in a positive way…

So what if those that enjoy smoking up want to fly with their marijuana?

Well now you can fly with your stash within the state of Oregon.

Starting July 1, people  (21 and over) can legally  possess and use marijuana. Up to 8 ounces in their homes are allowed and 4 plants can be grown out of public view. While it’s illegal to smoke in public, Oregon residents can carry up to an ounce outside their homes.

Here’s what’s interesting when it comes to legally flying with marijuana in Oregon.

First of all, marijuana can not be legally brought outside the  state. Federal laws still consider marijuana illegal and “federal law governs the TSA screening procedures” according to CNN.

Based on this, shouldn’t it be illegal to fly with the drug?

Well, CNN also mentions how the TSA’s primary mission is to “detect threats to aviation security” (and that’s according to the TSA).

If the TSA find drugs they will contact law enforcement so if marijuana is found on travelers (even flying through the state), they will notify Port Police. As long as you are 21 or older, have the legally allowed amount and are flying within the state, you will be let go.

It sounds almost like a catch-22 in a good way for those transporting marijuana through airports in Oregon.

Find out more from CNN here.

3 thoughts on “You Can Fly With You Marijuana In This State

    1. Obviously we won’t see anything like that until it’s legal nationwide, but that would be pretty neat. Hit up the “weed bar” before the flight and make it a little bit more enjoyable, sounds good to me.

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