Frequent Flier’s Guide To Airport Eating

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Do you think that there is a correlation between what you eat prior to a flight and getting sick while on the plane?

I wouldn’t think that this would matter much at all but Outside Magazine thinks differently.

Outside Magazine came up with an interesting article, A Frequent Flier’s Guide To Airport Eating.

Outside says that “in 2004 The Journal of Environmental Health Research found that frequent fliers had a higher rate of catching colds than the general population”.

I could totally see this being true due to being trapped inside such a contained environment with lots of other people in close proximity. It also doesn’t help that planes can often be too hot or cold. Other factors I’d consider are changing time zones, poor sleep, varying climates at different destinations and more.

I’m not so sure that I’d think eating a certain way could help prevent you from getting sick on a plane though.

Outside Magazine goes on to cite a couple of other articles/ studies that rank the countries healthiest airports as well as “food that make a smart, cold fighting pre-flight meal“.

If you’re going to eat at the airport, Baltimore/ Washington International Airport ranked at the top due to 92% of the restaurants serving at least one healthy entree. Losers were airports in the South like Dallas, Orlando, Houston, and Atlanta.

Qualifying a restaurant as healthy is a bit strange. According to Outside, “a restaurant qualifies as “healthy” so long as it serves at least one high-fiber, cholesterol-free menu item including two of the following: fruit, vegetables, whole grains, or legumes“. 

Here are some other key points on how to eat healthy at airports:

  • Flee from Fatit’s better to avoid meat
  • Skip the Salt & Toppings: According to Outside, “Because of the lower pressure in the cabin and few chances to move around and get your blood flowing, feet tend to swell during a flight. Salt will only exacerbate the issue, says Dr. Wells.”
  • Make the Water Bottle Your Best Friend: Loss of hydration can lead to headaches and fatigue. The article suggests drinking 12 ounces for every 1/2 hour your on the plane. This sounds pretty difficult to me and would probably lead to way too many trips to the bathroom!
  • Rethink Fast Food:  If you’re going to get fast food, look at the healthy options.

Do you have any routines or tips to share for staying healthy and not getting sick during flights?

Find out more from Outside Magazine here.

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