America’s Happiest Airports?

US Airports

I never really thought of airports as happy places besides the fact that they are the gateway to getting us to our destination.

Maybe it’s the kid in me, but I still kinda find going to the airport exciting. But are they happy?

I came across an article from Fox News which wondered “Are these America’s happiest airports?

I was curious to see what they came up with and had to take a look.

The article includes a Top 5 of the happiest airports which was selected in a poll from dating site (What makes these airports stand out are great food, shops, free WiFi among other things”.)

The site tries to “match Generous travelers who hate to travel alone with Attractive travelers who would love the opportunity to travel the world for free”. This sounds more like an escort service than a dating site if you ask me.. .

Here are the 5 Happiest U.S. airports:

  1. PDX– Portland, Oregon– lots of food options, free WiFi and shopping
  2. SAV– Savannah, Georgia– According to the article , it ‘received top marks for its “Southern charm”‘
  3. SFO– San Francisco, CA– free wifi, clean terminals and healthy food options
  4. PBI– West Palm Beach, FL–  Sounds the best so far with a spa, putting green, kiddie play area and lots of local restaurant options.
  5. PHL– Philadelphia, PA– Pretty cool idea with a “Fitness Zone” allowing you to exercise on “stationary bikes and other low-impact exercise equipment”.

Are there any other airports that you’d consider, a happy place?

Find out more about America’s Happiest Airports here.

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