Most Glorious Things To Ever Happen In An Airport

An airport isn’t the kind of place where you’d  go for a good laugh, to get easily amused or have amazing things happen. However, at times these kinds of things can happen at the airport.

The funniest things I’ve seen at the airport, was at the check-in counter.

The guy next to me was trying to check his 50 lb dumbells. Weird item, kind of interesting but what’s so funny? Southwest wanted to charge the man additional fees even though they allow 2 pieces of checked luggage for free, weighing up to 50lbs each. However, Southwest’s scale had said that the dumbbells each weighed 52 lbs. Due to this, the airline wanted to charge him a $50 fee.

More recently, I saw a girl placing an odd item into her carry-on while checking some luggage for a flight.

Buzzfeed to a small degree might disagree. They like to post lots of interesting, fun & silly things from quizzes to funny photos to strange stores and facts.

I came across one related to airports: 17 Most Glorious Things That Ever Happened At The Airport.

The article is made up of a bunch of fun and bizarre photos. Here are a few of my favorites.

What are the funniest (or most glorious) things that you’ve seen at the airport.

Check out the Buzzfeed article here and let us know which is your favorite!

1 thought on “Most Glorious Things To Ever Happen In An Airport

  1. A vending machine with an assortment of condoms and personal lubricants in the men’s room at Munich airport. I guess it’s for people planning to join the Mile High club.

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