A Great Cheddar Cheezy Burger: Chris Madrid’s- San Antonio, TX

Chris Madrid'sOn our first visit to San Antonio back in 2017, I hoped to try a burger at Chris Madrid’s.

After checking out The Alamo and some other sites, we headed over to the restaurant only to find it that it was closed due to a fire. The restaurant reopened and we weren’t going to miss the opportunity to stop by on our recent trip this year.a menu of a fast food restaurantChris Madrid’s is known for it’s burgers and it was tough to decide what to order.

After some debate, I settled on the Cheddar Cheezy, a burger topped with melted cheddar cheese with mustard, lettuce, tomato, onions & pickles. (I had them leave off the tomatoes & pickles.)

Besides the kind of burger you’d like, you also need to decide on the size, Regular (1/4 lb for $9.75) or Macho (1/2 lb for $11.75). I went with the regular which was pretty massive.a cheeseburger on a paper wrapperLook at this beautiful masterpiece with that cheddar cheese skirt oozing out all around!a man holding a cheeseburgerIt was tough to decide how to tackle this bad boy but I will say that it did involve a lot of napkins! 🙂

Before digging in, I had to get a photo of this masterpiece with this incredible cheese pull!

Upon first bite, I was beyond impressed.a hand holding a cheeseburgerThis was a messy, fun and incredible burger. The beef was really excellent, add loads of tasty, gooey cheese and you have a pretty unique burger masterpiece!

I’d definitely head back to Chris Madrid’s if I find myself in San Antonio again.

Chris Madrid’s is located at 1900 Blanco Rd., San Antonio, TX 78212. The restaurant is closed on Sundays.

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