Awesome Steamed Cheeseburgers at Ted’s Restaurant in Meriden, CT!

Ted's RestaurantConnecticut is an awesome state for culinary adventure thanks in part to excellent pizza (apizza) in New Haven. You can also find great seafood shacks and burgers including Louis Lunch, the birthplace of the burger.

There are many kinds of delicious burgers but have you heard of the Steamed Cheeseburger? That’s what Ted’s Restaurant in Meriden, CT is famous for.We’ve been to Ted’s Restaurant a handful of times and recently stopped there again for the first time in a long time.

Steamed burgers might sound a bit odd and seeing the way they’re cooked is even more so.  The meat and cheese are each placed separately into small metal trays and then placed into a steam box. The finished package is pretty unique both in texture and flavor.Tip: When in Connecticut, if you come across a store selling Foxon Park soda, buy some; it’s tasty and refreshing. When passing through the area, I stop at Foxon Park to buy a few bottles directly from the company.

Back to the cheeseburgers…
I ordered my cheeseburger with onion, mustard and ketchup.Here’s the first look when I unwrapped the burger. All I could see is bun and onion pretty much.Here’s a better view of the cheeseburger.

From the looks alone, you can see that Ted’s Restaurant makes a pretty unique burger. The meat and cheese have a very interesting texture and a great flavor. I’d love to have a burger option like this closer to home!

My one complaint was the bun, it’s just too much bread. The bun to me, killed the flavor on some bites. When I go for a burger, I want to taste… the burger!Here’s a closer look inside.When you go to Ted’s Restaurant, I also highly recommend getting an order of cheese fries. That squishy steamed cheese again adds a tasty texture, making for some really yummy fries!

Final Thoughts:

Ted’s Restaurant is a must visit for any burger lover out there. While I do think the burger would be much better with a different bun, I still loved it. To fix the bun issue, I removed the top bun and ate half of the burger like an open sandwich.

Regardless, I look forward to visiting Ted’s again for a tasty steamed cheesesburger!

Ted’s Restaurant is located at 1046 Broad Street in Meriden, Connecticut.

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