Bigger Isn’t Always Better, The Cheeseburger at Jackson Hole- Queens, NY

jackson holeThe Michael W Travels family are big fans of burgers. Whether it be at home or when traveling, we always try to taste the best ones out there.

Living in Brooklyn, NY gives us close proximity to lots of great food and that definitely includes great burgers!

There are tons of classic NYC burgers and one of my favorites is served at Peter Luger’s. Other great classics could be found at the Burger Joint and Corner Bistro as well as at various other places.

Mini-chain Jackson Hole is known for their big burger but I’ve never been a fan. However, with five locations in the NY area they’ve got to be doing something right.

It’s been a while since I had a burger at Jackson Hole and I’ve never visited the Astoria Boulevard, Queens location. Kim and I thought it would be a good idea to give it a try after Theo’s Global Entry interview at JFK Airport.After the speedy GE interview, we stuck to the airport theme by heading to the former Air Line Diner.

Besides giving the burger another try, I really wanted to see the old Air Line Diner neon sign (although it wasn’t lit up) up close.

Sadly, checking out the classic, retro diner and amazing sign would be the highlight of my visit.

I ordered a 7 oz. cheeseburger which is served open-faced.
As you can see, the burger is pretty massive- taking a bite isn’t a simple task. I was looking forward to giving it a try.Before trying the cheeseburger, I cut it in half to see what was doing inside. It appeared to be cooked how I ordered it- medium. The problem was that as I cut the burger, it started to fall apart.

Regardless, I took a bite and was not impressed. I found the meat to be flavorless. This burger either needed to be seasoned or Jackson Hole needs to use a different blend of meat.

The bun was more like a soft roll. I liked it although it didn’t look like your typical hamburger bun.

Kim gave the burger a try and made a face- not good… Lucas thought that the burger looked really good so I cut him a piece. He took a bite or two and did not like what he tasted. Lucas usually doesn’t leave a good burger behind- he had no interest in finishing what I gave him.

Jackson Hole’s website states, “Home of the 7oz. Burger.” If you scroll a bit further down, the site boasts, “Serving Up the Best & Biggest 7oz. Burgers in NYC Since 1972.”

My first question was, how can their 7oz burger be the biggest? If another restaurant served a 7oz. burger, wouldn’t they be the same size? They also claim to be best burgers in NYC! According to who?

My message to Jackson Hole would be bigger isn’t always better.

As for the other food we tried; Kim really enjoyed her egg sandwich and Lucas’s chicken tenders were very good.

If you decide to visit Jackson Hole, the diner food appears to be solid. As for the burgers that they’re know for, I’d suggest that you pass.

Find out more info about Jackson Hole online here.

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